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Mama Dreamers

  • Quarentine with a Toddler

    14 Day Hotel Stay With a Toddler by Elise Gan      
  • Home Birth Story

    I push again and start to crown, I yell “I can’t do this”, one of the women responds “Grace, you have no choice now”.
  • When is the right time?

    When I was growing up it was very common for people to share their exciting news of expecting a new baby at 12 weeks. Doctors back then said that you were over most of the hurdles and it was fairly smooth sailing from then on. What may shock you is that a lot of our mums and grandmothers suffered in silence, and were encouraged by their doctors to fall pregnant straight away so that no one would notice.
  • Life, Death & Sport

    Each story is completely different to the next as he interviews athetes and sheds light on sports rarely told stories of heartbreak, healing and hope. I suggest you have a tissue box near by 🤧
  • 7 key phrases Montessori teachers use and why we should use them, too

    1. “I saw you working hard."

    The focus on process over product is a key tenet of Montessori. We avoid telling the children "good work" or "your work is beautiful" and instead comment on how they concentrated for a long time, or how they wrote so carefully and their work could be easily read by anyone.

  • What does Covid-19 mean for new mums?

    Imagine right now you are expecting a baby. 

    Your face-to-face antenatal education has been cancelled.

    When you have your baby it is likely you will only be allowed one visitor (just your partner). No one else can come and visit to congratulate you and meet your baby, not even siblings.  

  • Tips for peace & quiet... from a mother of 5.

    Tip 3
    When a new baby appears on the scene, and you have a toddler to 3 year old, jealousy is often trying to rear it’s head. I used feeding time for baby as a time to read a book to the toddler. That way they did not feel excluded. 
  • Tips for flying with kids

    My 4 year old daughter Sahara has done over 40 international flights and countless domestic flights. By the age of 1 my son had done over 10 international flights. So I feel I have enough experience under my belt to hand out a few tips about travelling with toddlers and babies.