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A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple

Here at Mini Dreamers, we like to think of ourselves as more than a business.  We understand that we are part of the global network, and that we all depend on each other one way or another.

Our baby record books are simple, helping parent’s spend more time with their children, while still keeping an accurate timesaving record of their children’s milestones. 

We believe in children having the right to a happy childhood, and endeavour to help them learn about life’s lessons through our children's books.

Mini Dreamers also believe that one of the best things anyone can do is spend a day in nature. We want to help leave our world a better place than how we found it and give back to everyone who has supported us. That is why we are planting one tree for every book sold.  Every year, like proud parents, we will update this site with photos of new plantings and growth of old. This not only helps the trees, but also the birds, bees, and animals. 

The truth is we have not treated mother nature with the respect she deserves and it's time to give back to her. 

Nikola Jovanovic