Julie Le Cornu

Hi, I’m Julie. A mother of 3 wonderful daughters and 2 incredible sons, as well as a grandmother of 6, soon to be 7, wonderful grandchildren.

Like everyone out there, I am nothing ‘special’. I love my family, love this wonderful planet we are taking for granted, and I love continually learning. I sometimes eat the ‘wrong’ things, enjoy a glass of wine with my friends, and feel for every animal on this earth.
It is probably worth noting here as well, that I do question things. I am not one to be told to sit and be quiet. If someone asks me to fill in a form, I will be critical as to whether I need to furnish them the information. When I was told my child needs to take medication for life, (which happened due to her getting migraines) my automatic reply was that yes, this is one option. What other options do I have? In this instance her migraines were eliminated by relieving pressure from her neck. Well worth me asking the question.
When I was around 5 years of age, I remember clearly reading a book where the character always looked on the bright side of life. I closed that book and thought ‘wow! That is so true! We choose how we look at things!’ I am to this day, an optimist. How much did this book shape me? The thought lingers as I now write books to help our youngest generation learn about life.
So, after much prompting by my daughters (go girls!) I put pen to paper. All my life, I have looked at situations and assessed it and wondered how I could explain that to a child. It may be a fight – where there are always two sides – or simply an observation – why do flowers open up before they die? Anyway, this random thought process has no doubt been a form of training for me.
Now, when I write, it is not unusual for me to be on a journey myself, wondering where the story that comes to my head is going to end. I hope you all enjoy the journey as well.
As you will also see, I have illustrated the books. This has been an interesting role for me. I find it quite nerve wracking, and do take comfort in the fact that children will not care. I have also enjoyed it tremendously, learning how to draw for example, a set of drums. How it is all put together. But I digress. Back to the end product.
My goal is to end up with a set of books which help you, the parent, grandparent or friend, to teach children how to juggle through situations that life will throw their way. I wish to cover as many emotions as I can, from loneliness, searching for happiness, being responsible with pets, to seeing that greed can make you blind to life.
All written and illustrated with love and good intentions. I truly hope it helps.


Julie Le Cornu with grandson Bodhi