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Nel the Mini Dreamer

Hi, I'm Nel. A mother of 3, with a big heart and mini dreams. 

For as long as I can remember, I couldn’t wait to be a mum. I was never in a rush, but always felt it would be something I would excel at. Fast forward many years and here I am, a mother of 3 beautiful souls; Sahara (5), Minnie (our angel) and Bodhi (2). And while motherhood isn't as easy as I thought it would be, the love and patience I have for raising them is and so much more.

When Sahara was born I cannot tell you how excited I was. I went out and bought just about every gadget and piece of nursery furniture you can imagine. I spent a whopping $60 on a baby record journal and couldn't wait until she was born so that I could start to fill it with all her amazing moments - I didn’t want to forget a thing!

Like most first-time mums, it’s easy to overestimate having free time (what is that?!), and having a newborn took up 110% of my time. Despite my good intentions, I just couldn’t find the hour I needed everyday to write all about my new baby as I had planned. Instead I was busy breastfeeding, burping, rocking, putting her to sleep, laundry, cooking and... repeat! I tried to keep it up for 4 months before falling behind so badly that I threw in the towel, which for me was heartbreaking.

I felt terrible that this one gift I wanted to give my child when she was older was no longer possible and the mum guilts hit me hard. I decided that I didn’t want any other mum to ever have to feel like I did and, once Sahara was older and I had (some) free time, I started to design a product that was easy, fun and most importantly, quick!

After 2 more babies and a lot of going back and forth (I'm a Virgo, so I'm a perfectionist), I had a product I was proud of and one I was sure would be the perfect baby record book for future mums. I hope you enjoy filling it out as much as others have!

Big love,


Robbie Cornthwaite, Nel Cornthwaite, Sahara, Bodhi and Shiloh the dog

Life is all about family for me, everything else is a bonus.